The agenda for the forthcoming meeting is published 3 clear days before the meeting via the front page of the website. Along with the agenda for previous meetings from 2015 onwards, it can also be accessed via the online File Archive; in addition, the agendas for the more recent monthly meetings are available via the links below.

           Agendas 2019 
            January   February   March

             Accompanying papers
              January    February  March

          Agendas 2018
                January  February  March    April    May  June

               July     August   September   October  November  December

               Accompanying papers

               Agendas 2017
           January       February     March   April    May   June
                July      August   September    October    November  December

           Agendas 2016

               January         February        March      April         May
               June               July               August        September       

              October          November       December